Release Notes


  • Updated ASN.1 of RRC/NGAP/F1AP/E1AP to 3GPP Release 17.4

  • Add UE capability transfer procedure

  • Add support for srsUE

  • CSI-RS in Downlink

  • Add virtual RF driver to use with Amarisoft UE

  • Expose further config parameters

  • Other bug-fixes and improved stability and performance in all parts

23.3 (initial public release)

  • FDD/TDD supported, all FR1 bands

  • 15/30 KHz subcarrier spacing

  • All physical channels including PUCCH Format 1 and 2, excluding Sounding-RS

  • Highly optimized LDPC and Polar encoder/decoder for ARM Neon and x86 AVX2/AVX512

  • All RRC procedures excluding Mobility, Paging and Reestablishment

  • All MAC procedures excluding power control

  • Split 8 support using Ettus/NI USRPs