LiteOn FlexFi


This guide provides further details on connecting the srsRAN CU/DU to an RU using the the ORAN 7.2 split. Specifically, the LiteOn FlexFi.



You can download a sample gNB configuration file that is compatible with the LiteOn FlexFI RU here.

This configuration file will allow you to create a 100MHz SISO TDD cell in band n78.


First, power on and access the RU via the command line. The RU must then be configured and power-cycled before it can be used.

The following commands are used to configure the RU, they are shown with the command first and then the associated output:

(config)# compression-bit 9
Old Compression Bit = 8
New Compression Bit = 9

(config)# du-mac-address
DU MAC Address = 001122334466

(config)# du-mac-address 80615f0ddfab
Old DU MAC Address = 001122334466
New DU MAC Address = 80615f0ddfab

(config)# jumboframe 1
Old jumboframe = 0x00000000
New jumboframe = 0x00000001

(config)# phasecomp-mode true
phase compensation mode : Enable

(config)# slot-id
slotid = 0x00000002

(config)# slot-id 1
Old slotid = 0x00000002
New slotid = 0x00000001

(config)# sync-source PTP
sync source : PTP
Active after reboot

The RU should now be power-cycled. Once completed successfully, the RU is ready to be used.

Initializing and connecting to the network

You can now initialize the network and connect to it as normal.


A more detailed version of this guide is currently in development. For help with issues and troubleshooting please go to the GitHub Discussions.