Contribution Guidelines

Contributions to the srsRAN Project are always welcome. The easiest way to contribute is by issuing a pull request on the srsRAN Project repository. Take a look at our code style guide and please follow our testing policy.

We ask srsRAN Project contributors to agree to a Copyright License Agreement. This provides us with necessary permissions to use contributed code. For more information, see the FAQ below.


2. How do I complete and submit the CLA?

The srsRAN Project CLA for Individual contributions can be found here. The srsRAN Project CLA for Entity contributions can be found here. Download the appropriate CLA, then print, sign and scan the document before sending by email to

3. How will my contributions to the srsRAN Project be used?

The srsRAN Project was created and is maintained by Software Radio Systems (SRS), a private limited company headquartered in Ireland. SRS provides the srsRAN Project under both the open-source AGPLv3 license and commercial licenses. SRS also sells proprietary software products which build upon the srsRAN Project codebase. In this way, we attempt to ensure the ongoing development, evolution and sustainability of the srsRAN Project.

Through the license agreements, we ask you to grant us permission to use your contributions within the srsRAN Project and to continue to provide the srsRAN Project under open-source and commercial licenses and within proprietary products. As we do not ask for copyright assignment, you retain complete ownership of your contributions and have the same rights to use or license those contributions which you would have had without entering into a license agreement.