Release Roadmap

srsRAN follows a bi-annual release schedule, with new releases published in April and October each year. Each new release brings a range of new features, bugfixes and performance improvements. Minor intermediate releases to address priority bugfixes occur on an ad-hoc basis between releases.

Releases are labelled as (Year).(Month).(Minor), for example 20.10.1.


The final release of 2021 (21.10) adds 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) support to our srsENB application. In 2022 we will be bringing full 5G Standalone (SA) support to the srsRAN software suite, including both UE and gNodeB applications.


21.10 will see the release of our 5G NSA support for srsENB. NSA support builds upon our existing 4G solution. We will also release CoreScope, a special-purpose test and performance analysis tool for 5G core networks built upon the srsRAN suite.

21.10 will include:

  • 5G NSA eNodeB support

  • Overall stability and performance updates


22.04 will include the release of the first 5G Standalone (SA) elements in the srsRAN suite. Further details available during Q1 2022.