srsRAN Application NotesΒΆ

srsRAN is a free and open-source 4G and 5G software radio suite.

Featuring both UE and eNodeB/gNodeB applications, srsRAN can be used with third-party core network solutions to build complete end-to-end mobile wireless networks. For more information, see

These application notes provide guides for specific srsRAN use-cases, using external applications, and guides on hardware choices and use.

Create an end-to-end network using virtual radios:
Connect a COTS UE to the srsRAN eNodeB:
Run srsRAN on the Raspberry Pi 4:
Explore Intra-eNB & S1 Handover:
Carrier Aggregation:
Use eMBMS to support multicast/broadcast traffic:
Explore NB-IoT signalling:
Experiment with CV2X signalling:
Set-up and test an end-to-end 5G NSA network:
Connect a 5G NSA COTS UE to the srsRAN eNodeB:
Connect the srsRAN UE to a 5G NSA network:
Hardware options for experimentation & development: